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Jewish Singles– Ranting & Raving!

Okay, I have had enough. Oh, and hi. This weekend started beautifully and ended in self pitying bawling. I would like to take a moment to address an issue that will have you guys on the defensive and ready to hate me–but feel free. Guys either love me or hate me–there are no benign feelings.

Males: Admit it. You are looking for perfection. You want a supermodel that will be a trophy wife, eye candy, have zero percent body fat, and will make your friends so jealous they won’t be able to sleep at night. (Don’t know how you will be able to sleep at night. That carpenter’s dream can leave serious black and blue marks when you are doing the Mating Salsa.) Personality is important too, but if the girls isn’t thin enough, and is fun and makes you laugh and is smart and stimulating, but(funeral music insert here) has curves and isnt thin, yet isn’t fat either, its a no go. Am I right, or am I right?(You will go for the third option.)

 I am actually someone that dealt with ups and downs re: weight and look good now, but dont wear clothing to emphasize my chest, or tight short skirts, as my close male friend feels will definitely bring the males by swarms…I feel uncomfortable about it. I am not skeletal, but I have an awesome, edgy, wacky personality that can be serious as well(and my digits are…haha…u wish). I know males need visual stimulation, but I think these days, things are being taken to an extreme.

Prove me wrong. This is what I see these days, and I am one of you.(No, I am not a male–not that there’s anything wrong with being one…lol…I love being so…is it politically correct? Not sure…)

 Anyhoo, off I run to take care of things.

Men, I know you still love me deep deep inside,

Gigi–sounding off and signing off

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