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Jewish Singles–Running To…Or From???

I think that if I go somewhere, maybe a sunny climate like the West Coast, I would be like as cheery as an insulin shock-inducing  Bubble Gum chewing, Valley Girl Cheerleader.Like, maybe I have S.A.D.? (Seasonal Affective Disorder(look it up if you don’t know what it is, Im too bloated to do it)–I am no doctor, though I completely feel Gray’s Anatomy Mcdreamy–figuratively, and wow, I wish literally.

 I don’t know what I would do in California. I don’t tan. I turn into a Rotisserie Chicken with the added beauty of millions of freckles. Acting? Yep. I can do that. But the skeleton thing happens again. Camera adds ten pounds. I am tall for a girl. Do I want a Human Biology 101 class to use me to point out every bone, tendon, cottage cheese cluster of cellulite, hickey, artery, and sixth toe? (Okay, so I lied about the hickey and additional toe. I wish I had a hickey. I was never given a hickey. That’s why I came out as….special as I am today. The toe I wrote because everyone knows guys have toe fetishes–if I have an added toe–I have a leg up on the competition–pun intended.)

For now, I am staying here. I kinda like you guys. I feel that we are connecting. You are growing on me like fungus.

Have like, a dietetic day!!!!!!(NOTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!)


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