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Jewish Singles & Selflessness

You care. I don’t know why. Please don’t run away. This is what I do to sabotage relationships that m kay have potential.

Relationships are so scary. What if I wake up one day, and the bed  near me is empty–my husband found someone prettier and thinner and younger???

This is rooted in the abandonment of the alpha male in my life–my father. He really knew how to put me down…So many years of convincing me I was nothing, would never be anything, would never be loved, or wanted…

The self fulfilling prophecy….

 The years of therapy….

Can you be here for me while I heal…just because???

Gigi–refusing to look behind, and hoping that you will be around to watch me walk, even if the steps are so infinitestimal, you won’t notice them, or even if I fall….I WILL get up. I believe I can do this. I think. I do.

From what you have read abt me so far, what do you think?

Gigi, waiting for a reply–even one–of support, and yes, honesty.

2 comments to Jewish Singles & Selflessness

  • David

    Gigi- On one hand I understand what your saying as far as a man leaving you, but on the other hand don’t doubt us or yourself so much. I support you and understand that its difficult- life is. But if you have such a pessimistic attitude then you won’t be able to move forward. Be positive!

  • Gigi

    David, that was appreciated. Wow. If guys like you are out there, theres hope!

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