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Jewish Singles–Stood Up&ComedyThis Aint

I was dressed in a black, tight bodysuit, heels that would make a  frigid clergyman cling to me with untapped desire(lololol–damn, that was funny–I don’t even know where that came from), and a hot little A-Line pencile skirt, when I was supposed to go out, with, lets call him Jerky, last night.

I have seen him before. Major playboy. Very good looking, aristocratic, chiseled features, head of hair, piercing green eyes…

It’s been a few years…I thought he may have changed(ow!-smacked my arm–j/k)…

He made me wait and wait for him when he said he was in the area, and sounded a little high…I asked him some things about himself, he asked me some about myself, he sounded like he was trying to impress me, and frankly? he wasn’t…

He didn’t know my age, and I wasn’t flattered when he guessed 20–I was horrified…Did he think I was an easy lay? He would be the last person I would sleep with. THE LAST. And I don’t sleep around, but u already know that.

He kept me waiting while he needed to make a “call”, as after we played Jewish Geograp hy, we realized we had many of the same “friends”(though many have left him for the veryi-la  same reason I would have eventually had he wooed me into his faux little Shangri-la Microcosm, which unravels very very soon….

Back to last night–45 mins after he called someone that was a mutual friend I had not spoken to in aeons, i was soo tired, as I was in Jersey all day, helping a friend market her company, and as I was saying how tired I was, he was saying simultaneously that HE would take a raincheck. HE WOULD.

Deep down Im happy he didnt date me, because I would’ve fit the type I fall for–abusive to women, as all his former girlfriends sadly attest. I would have loved him and never left him, as I love my father.


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