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Jewish Singles & The 9 Commandments

Yes, I know Mathematics isn’t my strongest point(except for counting calories, fat grams, etc…), and I know there are Ten Commandments–The movie clearly showed ten, as far as I remember…but hey, the memory is one of many things going these days.

Let me focus on one particular commandment: “Thou Shalt Not Lie”(I believe attorneys think there is a post script that is invisible to the non lawyer eye that excludes them from the equation. Wow. I made so many enemies now. Down boys and girls! I am kidding….)

I am afraid of you all. Well, not in the way you think, but there are so many things I want to tell you, and I feel I can’t, lest one of you know me, even if all names are changed. This is a blog, and it can be funnier, and crazier….But what if even of of you figure out who I am, some modern day Nancy Drew or Hardy Boy(no lewd jokes intended)….I still need to get married, build my life bit by bit…Something you all are privy to.

Just curious–why do you care about me anyway? You don’t even know me.

Maybe I am a pathological liar.

Why care for a total stranger? Why read this crap?


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