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Jewish Singles & The Klutz Gene

I am so tired, I am basically a somnambulist, and some Blog-Field-Of-Energy is moving my fingers with alacrity over the keyboard, as hundreds of sheep went to complain to the shepherd that because of my bad habits, they haven’t been counted in forever –and it’s their favorite pastime.

Cry me a river.

I discovered that I am an uber-klutz this weekend. I had an early dinner meeting with a (young) old friend, and on the way, decided to “powder my nose”(Girls never do that. It’s an excuse to go to the bathroom and talk about the males that are sharing their molecular interacting area.), and lo and behold, my mosaic bronzer, well, truly looked like it was taking the mosaic motif a bit too literally. It broke to pieces, and my new, short, black skirt was covered in brown powder.

How will I take care of one kid if I need to wear a bib when putting on makeup?

However, it was such a fun weekend! Allergies rendered me so tired from the DROWSY medicine I bought. Why not non-drowsy??? This is Gigi, Space Cadet To The Stars. Don’t overestimate me. My shrink doesn’t, but man, with that fee no wonder she has a new Audi Sportscar. I PAID FOR IT! IT WAS MY ISSUES! And wow, I love that car. Just for that, I am working on all my issues. Next thing you know, after a session in which she sits and seems to meditate, asks me, “What color is your pain?”–Whatcha talkin’ about Willis??? I answered transparent. Her eyes opened wide and she started scribbling furiously on her legal pad. Why clear? Because I view the world through eyes of pain. She was very dsturbed I didn’t say  flamingo fuchsia(I wanted to say it just to mispronounce it, and have her correct me–the reason why therapists don’t take to me well=0), or fire-engine red, or some other cheesy nail polish color.

 Anyhoo, enough about me.

Oh, this blog IS about me.

I am going back to bed.


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