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Jewish Singles & TheCowardice2Grin, But CourageNow2BareIt.

I’ve kept you amused with my latest posts, haven’t I? That can be a good sign(upbeat mood), or a bad sign(deflecting the conversation from me.) Unfortunately, this time, the latter would be the correct answer.

I rubbed bony elbows yesterday at a very cool party in The Hamptons, doling out huge grins, throwing my head back and laughing in a tres tres chic way I made my signature, made witty small talk, teetered on lucite stilettos, and of course,looked nice and tanned–faux, but not looking like a citrus fruit.

My mind was elsewhere, though, and I am sorry I didn’t come forth and say it when It happened, as I have found that so many of you care about me, which is mind boggling, and touching, and…

A week after I returned to my old job, I was given an ultimatum–work for 1/3 less of your paycheck, or don’t come back. It wasn’t so cut and dried, and it was painful when it was presented. I left in tears. I can’t live on the pittance my boss was offering…

I am told I am intelligent, people like me, I don’t hurt anyone(and I try really hard not to hurt myself),  but back to the drawboard, and again, I have no job. Big loser “L” on my forehead. Doesn’t matter how funny I can be, or how charismatic, or how well I write.

I have no job.



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