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Family. How we love to bicker with them. It’s simple really. They know our every flaw, and we have no desire to hide it, as we don’t need to put up a facade with them, or impress them as we are wont to do with strangers. We didn’t choose our family, they didn’t choose us, and may not be our cup of Milk of Magnesia On The Rocks, but we are stuck with them for life, like a case of hives that flares up every so often.(Don’t make faces. I was going to compare it to a benign S.T.D., when I realized the simile might be innapropriate, so I nixed it–kinda.)

Life is how long? If you are a vegan, religious, read “Prevention”, exercise, knit, and drink a bit of red wine for the anti-oxident benefit, the rest of the time drink green tea, chances are you will die at a much younger age than your smoking like a forest fire, rare meat(“Sell Me Nehla What????”), morbidly obese, couch potato, who goes to A.A. to find out ways to drink himself into oblivion as the wife is nagging him and he is still conscious. (Kidding! DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!)

Seriously–Look, we live to be in our 80′s, and if we are lucky, in our 90′s, and hopefully of clear mind, as it is so sad to see someone that was so vital and sharp, not remember the most minor of details….And even worse, the ones who realize that they don’t remember… We kid ourselves if we think we are immortal–we are not.

 Love your family–you only get one. Love them with their flaws and know that mental telepathy isn’t their strength. TELL THEM YOU LOVE THEM. Everyone needs to know they are loved…Even the person you have probably painted as a tough hard person(and is really the antithesis of) named Gigi…

…she needs it too, and gives those three words even to the hardest family members to love, because its blood, its family, its heart, its soul–at the end of the day, I can sleep peacefully knowing they are all safe.

 Gigi, hoping you agree and understood.

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