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Jewish Singles & Updates On Old Flames–Now Ashes…

23 year old is playing the field…when I see him, I give him a wintry smile, and say “Hello,_____”, in the manner that Jerry Seinfeld addressed Newman, but with none of the mirth.

22 year old is totally strange, we broke up a while ago, it wasn’t until he went to an event at Fire Island with me, where a close friend made an intimate party, and invited him, mistakenly thinking he and I were together–when he was rude and weird, and she was embarrassed and creeped out, as was I….oh, and that was before he got sickeningly drunk…..

European is on his way back…I couldn’t meet him for certain reasons before his return to Europe, and it was meant to be, as I wont cheat on Josh, and Euro and I have crazy chemistry.

But Josh…I painted him wrong…Josh I care for so much…He cares for me…wants me to eat protein…exact opposite–doesn’t want me having days of no food…he is very special and i haven’t smiled this much….My only concern is his need for perfection and how extreme is it?

To Be Continued….


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