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Jewish Singles: What a Doozy

I’ve been MIA for a few weeks because I FINALLY moved into my condo!  Everything is going great and I’m so happy that all of that drama is behind me.  Now….I must tell you all about someone who I “met” a couple weeks ago.  We will call him “D” for Doozy….and boy was he ever!


We met online and had some pretty amazing phone conversations for about a week.  He came down with a really bad cold and was bedridden most of the time.  I know better than to believe any serious claims or feelings being said to me so early on, especially by someone I’ve never met in person.  But….I guess the romantic in me chose to ignore what my gut new all along—that he was too good to be true.  I broke my “talk as little as possible prior to meeting” rule and we averaged about 4-5 conversations per day.  He said things like “You are so my type” and “I’m going to seriously date you” and even “ There’s a good chance I’m going to marry you.”  Now, as you’re reading this, hopefully you aren’t rolling your eyes because you think that I believed a word that he said!  Give me a little more credit than that.  I took everything he said with a grain of salt.  But there were some thoughtful gestures he made that were too sweet to ignore.  The day I moved into my condo, he sent me the most gorgeous floral arrangement, full of my favorite colors and flowers.  Attached, was a very sweet card and I was blown away that someone I never met would do something like that.  The day I got my cable installed, he made me stay on the phone with him the whole time the cable guys were here; just to make sure I was safe (they were here almost an hour.)  I was really looking forward to meeting “D” and our first date (that he planned especially for me) was set for the fourth of July.


The couple conversations we had prior to the date, seemed a bit off.  Nothing terrible, but different from the others.  My gut told me something had changed and that the date might not happen.  Well, it’s called woman’s intuition for a reason.  I got an email from him the day before the date saying he was going to pass on our outing and that even though we have a lot in common, he doesn’t think our personalities match and best of luck to me.  WTF???  Of course I picked up the phone (the way they used to do in the olden days) to try and have a mature conversation with him.  He didn’t answer and never returned my message.  I have no idea what changed, but I do know that it’s his issue and not mine.  Whether it was another woman or simply “D” being a nutcase, I decided then and there not to waste an ounce of my energy trying to figure it out.  I also decided that it was time for Robin to take on an entirely new attitude towards men and dating.  After all, the summer is upon us and it’s time for some fun!


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