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Jewish Singles–Who is YOUR Sugar Daddy?

Sorry, guys. Maybe a Sugar Mommy(???)(MILF???) can be custom ordered for you.

For all my chicas–today is your lucky day.

I remember watching “Annie” as a child, and wanting to marry Daddy Warbucks, and not only adopt Annie–but adopt the whole orphanage! I knew very few of the lyrics to “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” and “It’s A Hard Knock Life”, but my oldest sister bought me the soundtrack for our RECORD PLAYER(Don’t snort. I can hear it until here, and I didn’t put my hearing aid in, you spring chickens.) and I was able to carry a tune.

Being the drama queen that I was(curb the shock), I would sing in front of the mirror, imagining my thousands of fans, (For those who got a verbal lashing from the boss today–yes, I was imagining YOU)using the hairbrush as my microphone, making up most of my own lyrics, being that I basically would know one line of chorus, but had the tune.

I always dreamed of adopting. I guess Angelina Jolie and I have something in common. Don’t get me wrong. I want to have my own children, but would love to adopt a child.

Admitting the Daddy Warbucks fantasy for sure has all you guys laughing and thinking I am money hungry. Actually, I date many poor guys, or guys who came from no money, and work hard to build themselves up. They are the onesI personally find, and you can disagree, that have  awesome character, wit, and are driven, as well as being understanding–because hey, it wasn’t always easy for them.

Money DOES help. Don’t get me wrong. I am not looking for a pauper, but comfortable, as worrying about paying utilities, rent, etc…would be tough. If I found the right guy, hey, we would work it out together.

Re: The Sugar Daddy fantasy (aka wanting Daddy Warbucks and the entire orphanage), I got the following in an email from DailyCandy, and thought you would enjoy.

Sugar Daddys To Go!!! Yes!!!


 Who’s Your Sugar Daddy?

You might argue that you already take artful consumption to a new

But now you can have your art and eat it, too. Candy sculptors
Fiona Ryan and Chris Grassi are expanding the Papabubble empire
beyond Barcelona, Tokyo, and Amsterdam to Nolita.

The house special? Edible masterpieces composed right before your

The sweets shop stacks jars of homemade hard candies on the
shelves — fruity and spicy lozenges in a rainbow of colors and
designs. Papabubble is as much about performance as indulgence.
Like Picassos of the pastille, the staff prepares lengths of
cooked sugar before a rapt audience, mixing in essences (cinnamon,
lime, coconut) before spinning them into lollies and shapes (body
parts, concept cars, love notes).

All this couture candycraft is beckoning you.

Come to papa.

Papabubble, 380 Broome Street, between Mott and Mulberry Streets
(212-966-2599) or



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