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Jewish Singles: Work

People are always saying that relationships are very hard work, and lots of effort, and working things out blah-blah-blah.

And that’s probably true, but sometimes I read too much into that.  Sometimes I work too hard, and try to be committed to someone who, as it turns out, I just plain don’t have feelings for anymore.  I end up dragging out the relationship to the bitter end, and everybody leaves sad and exhausted with the weight of much too much emotional baggage on their back.

Is falling out of love all my fault?  Am I not working hard enough?  Or am I just not with the right person in the first place?  After all, initial infatuation is pretty strong.  You could end up seriously dating someone well before it wears off and you realize they’re completely not your type.  And then what?  You’re supposed to fall in love with them?  You can’t just make yourself fall in love with anybody.

At what point do you know whether you need to keep working on something or whether you need to end it?

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