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Jewish Singles-Yogurt Envy

Okay, so most of you are probably wondering why I am avoiding my personal life, and giving you some witty posts…DO I HAAAVE TO?

NO. I want to. You were there for me, and I have some things fermenting that may just turn out to be a fuzzy green layer of mold, or a container of peach flavor yogurt with LIVE AND ACTIVE CULTURES(at least they are getting action in there. I always wondered what they were doing in there. Dating? Discussing my blog? Mating?If that’s the case, those cultures are fast…They live in extended families with their great-great grandchildren cultures, lol–sorry, I hadda do that! It’s me! I’m back! Tangent is my middle name–well, one of em. The other one is being argued about as I type in the unnamed instutution where I reside=0) (HOME).

So back to situations where I am hesitant to share with you, for fear that I will end with a pile of mold, and end up crying to you, because I envisioned a home of a huge institution-sized yogurt with live and active cultures(peach)(fine, I am not that picky–if it’s plain, I can pick things up and add some flavor=0) , I am in a that situation.

(RE: Milk products–one of my original posts was re: my grandfather comparing me to spoiled milk/cheese as he explained that I was way past my expiration date, ergo, no good guys–good guys according to HIM–would want me.)

I am not a milk person. I have a little bit with my coffee, but don’t do the cereal thing…

 I really AM hesitant about talking about this present situation.

Never Say Never, and until tomorrow my dear friends.

Gigi, envious of the action going on in (peach) yogurt

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