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Jewish Singles, YOU AREN’T SICK OF ME YET???

G-d Bless You ALL–Because I am so sick of me. I live with me all the time. I wish I could take a break from me. 



OK, Im sorry. Just making sure all my fans and other cooling devices are following….

I am listening to Harry Chapin’s “30,000 Bananas”–If any of you don’t know this song, it is a worthwhile listen–that is dependent on your taste in music and that wonderful fruit.

Today I am thankful I wasn’t the man Harry Chapin sang about, driving the truck holding the 30,ooo bananas, and very thankful that I don’t live in Scranton, PA for this (fictional) debacle…..Eau de Bananatude!

Sing along with my frog-like voice if you dare:

“You know the man who told me about it on the bus,
as it went up the hill out of Scranton, Pennsylvania,
he shrugged his shoulders, he shook his head,
and he said (and this is exactly what he said)
“Boy that sure must’ve been something.
Just imagine thirty thousand pounds of bananas.
Yes, there were thirty thousand pounds of mashed bananas.
Of bananas. Just bananas. Thirty thousand pounds.
of Bananas. not no driver now. Just bananas!”

Yes, we have no bananas,
We have no bananas today
(Spoken: And if that wasn’t enough)
Yes, we have no bananas,
Bananas in Scranton, PA.”

I just am trying to stay positive. No bawling over eggs or friends gone AWOHL–

IMAGINE  RUSH HOUR AND 30, OOO BANANAS, all mashed and smelly from the sweltering NYC heat, all over the tracks of 6 Main Train Lines AND THE LIRR.

Ha–talk about SERIOUS traffic! Okay, that was wrong. I apologize.

I need some time to bond with Ben and Jerry.

Just lighten up and eat for the Hollywood SkeleStarlets. (I made up a new word!)

Gigi, in dire need of sleep, and normal nutrition.

P.S. If I was up for adoption, would you adopt me? I am not going to drop this. I think I have a lot to offer. Chunky Monkey is waiting, and two tres’ tres’ VIP males (Sir Ben, Master Jerry) along with them, await me….Until next time…(crisis, love, hate, numb, cool air, frigidity, wind chill, i am leaving before i make a bigger fool of myself. My pillow awaits me…)

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