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Paging Prince Charming

So as I sit here watching a sleeping 5-month old baby boy, I secretly change the channel from Nick Jr.’s awful television show, Yo Gabba Gabba, and turn on reruns of my guilty pleasure, Grey’s Anatomy. And as I am watching, I realize all the false hope this show gives us.

A group of 20-somthing to 30-something year old doctors work in a hospital where every man they meet is a beautiful doctor. During their breaks they go and have sex with these beautiful doctors in the on-call room. Then they form a relationship and either go on to be married, whether it is a beautiful wedding or just a simple “I do” on a post-it note, and have children, or they have a horrible break-up and just find a new beautiful doctor the next week. And not to mention, they still get along with their exes.

Now, I understand that many Jews do become doctors, however I don’t think this really goes on in the hospitals…at least I hope it doesn’t. And either way, I am not a doctor and will never be one (an ER kind of doctor that is). But lets be honest, not every man or woman we meet is a beautiful successful doctor, or just even beautiful and successful. Unfortunately love doesn’t begin or end as easily as it does on Grey’s Anatomy, or any other show for that matter.

Us “real life” people have to go through what seems like an endless number of first dates, first kisses, and sometimes even first marriages to find the right man or woman. Sometimes we find this person when we are young and sometimes not until we are much older. It takes time and effort to find true love, not just a one night stand in the on-call room.

The moral of the story: Don’t expect Prince/ss Charming to just bump into you in the elevator one day and confess their undying love to you. Go out and go have fun, join a dating website, tell that special someone how you feel; whatever it is that you do just be pro-active in finding love-don’t wait for love to find you.

1 comment to Paging Prince Charming

  • Izzy

    Great post! I really think that too many people get caught up in the fantasies they see on TV. Especially when the current generation all have the “fairy tale complex” caused by Disney princesses always living happily ever after with the first handsome prince they meet. Also, I’d like to think that anyone operating on me would be paying more attention to the task at hand than their social life.

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